Mila's Lechon -- Menu, Branches, Contact Number

Hungry for some Mila's Lechon?

Mila's lechon is already an institution when it comes to cooking lechon. They have been serving lechon in their restaurant for many years. Aside from that, they have already established their name and a lot of consumers keep on coming back for more of their good lechon recipes. This patronage amongst consumers can reflect what kind of service and products people get when dealing with Mila's Lechon restaurant and catering services.

If you are thinking about getting a lechon for an upcoming party or celebration then you might as well go for the lechon from Mila's. This is because their products and services are already trusted by many. So why would you put your trust on other brands that might just ruin your party? Have a worry-free gathering when you order lechon from Mila's restaurants in Manila, Philippines. A party isn't really complete without the lechon but not just any lechon--it must be high quality and something that all your guests will enjoy.

But if you're not considering getting a whole lechon or roasted pig, then you can just visit their many restaurant branches where you can order just for yourself or for a smaller group of people. You can try out their other foods and recipes as well because they offer more than just delicious and crispy lechon. I'm telling you their recipe for lechon is something that is so unbelievable. The skin is so crispy and the meat is so juicy. I wonder how they're able to produce such quality of lechon. Surely it has something to do with their many years of experience and incentive to be better than the competition and be the best provider of lechon in the Philippines.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Mila's Lechon Menu today in the branch that is near you! I am sure you will be able to find satisfaction and it will be worth the money and time you will spend!

Lechon Asado Recipe

Have you ever tried Lechon Asado?

Lechon asado has a very distinct chinese influenced flavor. If cooked well the meat could also be very tender. It is actually something that Filipinos have gotten from the Chinese a long time ago. The Filipinos have been trading with the Chinese even before the Spanish settled here. I've always noticed a lot of Chinese influence in Philippine cuisine.

The sauce used for lechon asado is actually very similar to the dish "Pata Tim" if you're aware of that. I can blog about that recipe real soon. The flavor of the lechon asado sauce is really one of my favorite sauces ever. I'm not really sure what composes the sauce but it really is one of my favorites. It is usually even served with steamed or boiled vegetables. The sauce also compliments the vegetables perfectly.

Of course lechon asado is something that is very different from the typical roasted lechon or even the deep friend lechon kawali. There are also many variations and different recipes. It is really something that is perfect to serve during gatherings. It's not that hard to prepare plus the presentation is amazing. It will surely make your guests very hungry if they see that you are serving lechon asado. Just go search for lechon asado photos online and you will see how absolutely enticing they are.

So if you are into something that has a Chinese or asian flavor this is something that you should really try to make. It's really amazing and goes good with rice. And just as the Chinese would, of course it is better to serve it with guests or in the company of your family. Don't be intimidated right away. At first glance it seems so hard to cook lechon asado. But I'm telling you it's not that hard at all. You'll be surprised for sure. So what are you waiting for? Try making the recipe for lechon asado today!

If you like lechon asado then don't forget to check Lechon Paksiw Recipes.

Hecky's Lechon Delivery -- Menu, Branches, and Franchise Information

Hungry for some Hecky's lechon? here's some information about their menu, branches, and franchise.

Heck'y lechon is cebu style lechon that is oven baked, has less fat, and is organic. It is the healthier choice. They usually delivery around the areas of Metro Manila, Laguna, and Cavite. The Lechon is ovenbaked in muntinlupa. They offer many other recipes from the menu not just lechon such as Adobong Lechon, Bopis, Dinuguaan, Lechon Paksiw, Lechon Meal, and Lechon sisig.

You can get 100grams of chopped lechon for only 85 pesos. You'll even be able to save more if you buy more. It's really very affordable to be able to try out that famous recipe of Cebu lechon. They say that what makes the Cebu lechon different is because it has so much flavor already that you don't even need to add lechon sauce anymore.

You can even buy whole lechon from them. Hear are the prices of whole lechon from Hecky's Lechon --

De Leche - Php 4,300
Extra Small - Php 5,300
Small - 6,300
Medium - 7,300
Large - 8,300
Extra Large - 9,300

What are you waiting for? Call them up today to inquire about franchise or to order some delicious cebu lechon that is oven baked and healthier.

Lechon Kawali Recipe

Is there a recipe that can be an alternative to Lechon in the Philippines?

Yes there is. If you do not have enough resources to buy the wonderful roasted Lechon from the Philippines. You can just easily make yourself a lechon kawali. Of course it is not as hard to be cooked as the whole lechon and can easily be cooked at home. It is actually very similar to the Bagnet Recipe that comes from the north of the Philippines.

It's really not that hard to cook lechon kawali. All you have to do is boil that meat and then deep fry it. Although there are many other extras that most variations and recipes have, I think the simplest of its form would be for the meat to be boiled and then deep fried until it is golden brown and crunchy. The skin is actually the best part. Of course it's a totally different experience from eating the actualy roasted lechon and the skin that comes from that.

Afterwards you can serve it with the typical sarsa or lechon sauce or you can choose to use spicy vinegar. Some people even make a mixture of vinegar and soy sauce and add some onions. Usually this is done for crispy pata dishes.

Lechon kawali is very unhealthy, I would assume. It's deep fried, so I am guessing it is healthier to eat the roasted version. I am not really sure about the exact figures about calories or cholesterol but I am sure both could be very bad for you. Be sure to eat lechon or lechon kawali moderately.

Check out this video I saw on Youtube. It's an instructional video on how to cook lechon kawali :

Paksiw na Lechon

Are there any Recipes for Lechon Leftovers?

There is one thing that is most popularly known dish for leftovers of lechon and that is Paksiw na Lechon. There really is no strict or rigid recipe but mostly it is composed of the sarsa or the lechon sauce. Some people would add vinegar or a bit of soy sauce to taste, I am assumin, and also some peppers and many other spices.

It is typical for Filipinos to turn leftover lechon into paksiw na lechon. I am assuming that this became a common practice especially since the pre-refrigeration time so they could preserve the food. Cooking it in a lot of spices would surely be able to preserve it and prevent it from becoming spoiled. This practice lead to the invention of many different variations of lechon paksiw.

Recipes vary depending on region, I would say. Some would use the bottled sauces that can be bought at grocery stores while some really use the ones that came with the Lechon (the sauce is usually included when you order lechon). I think the ones that come with the lechon is better tasting than the ones in the bottles. It really ahas a fresher taste and it's really nothing like the ones in the bottle. So my recommendation would be that if you are to cook lechon paksiw, make sure you don't use the bottled ones if you can.

Of course, the skin would not be the same, it would not be as crunchy, and the experience will really be different from eating freshly roasted lechon. But it also has its own advantages. If cooked really well, the meat can be really soft and it would really be a great combo with some rice. The skin also has its own merits. It becomes a sort of still crunchy yet very moist type of texture. I guess it really depends on how it's cooked, how fresh the lechon is, and the varying recipes for cooking paksiw na lechon.

What is Lechon Philippine?

What is the History of Lechon in the Philippines?

I am not exactly sure about the actual history of Lechon in the Philippines. I am guessing it has something to do with the Spanish occupation. I think lechon means "suckling pig" if directly translated. But really, I am not sure as I have said. All I know is that I love eating lechon so much. It's really one of the best experience ever to be in on earth is to eat Philippine Lechon.

So what exactly is the Philippine Lechon? Well, simply put it is roasted whole pig. There are many variations when it comes to recipe depending on what region it comes from. The people from manila would cook it differently than those from the south, for instance, from the islands of cebu.

It usually comes with sarsa or lechon sauce. This varies with recipe as well. Also, those from cebu prefer their lechon to not have sauce and would usually just be served with spicy vinegar. Thy typical lechon sauce would be something like the popular all-around sauce Mang Tomas. It is usually made up of liver, if I'm not mistaken. Also, it is way better to have the sauce that comes with the lechon instead of just getting the ones that are bottled. This sauce is not just used for lechon baboy but also many other things. I personally love the sauce. It is also used to cook the popular recipe made with lechon leftover caled lechon paksiw.

Lechon is really very popular all over the world. Many foreigners go to the Philippines just to try it out. And it is something that is surely recommended. You are missing out if you have not tried eating Lechon from the Philippines.

Why is Lechon Considered Rich

Is lechon considered food for the rich?

I really don't know exactly what this means but I guess this is because of the price that is attached to having a whole roasted lechon. I think nowadays the price of getting a lechon would be ranging from around 4,000 pesos to 9,000 depending on the size and where you're getting it from. There are many different kinds of lechon, actually. For instance, the cebu lechon, a very popular recipe that comes from the south of the Philippines. They say you no longer need the lechon sauce or popularly known as sarsa because the flavor of the lechon recipe that comes from cebu is already so rich.

I personally love eating lechon. The crunchy skin is just something so ecstatic that everyone in the world should be able to try it. Some people see it as unhealthy, greedy, and even gluttonous, but I think it's really all about perspective. I think the lechon is something that Filipinos should be proud of and can really stand out against other dishes from international cuisines. I guess some would ask like Why is Lechon Considered only for the Rich? I guess, there is that greediness about it, especially since you need to cook a whole pig instead of just parts of it. But the lechon is usually eaten in a gathering anyways so there will be a lot of people sharing and eating.

It is true that it is very unhealthy. It's even really bad for those who have problems with the heart, hypertension, or anyone with risks regarding having too much cholesterol. But hey, that's why there should be balance of exercise and eating delicious lechon. Also, make sure you don't have too much of it. It's such a shame that the most unhealthy parts are the best parts like the skin with the fats.

I am actually craving lechon right now. I can just imagine the crunchy amazing texture of the skin and the sound it makes as I chew it. Oh men, it's really a wonderful experience. Eating lechon is really a pleasurable act. It's one of the best experiences one can have in this life.