Hecky's Lechon Delivery -- Menu, Branches, and Franchise Information

Hungry for some Hecky's lechon? here's some information about their menu, branches, and franchise.

Heck'y lechon is cebu style lechon that is oven baked, has less fat, and is organic. It is the healthier choice. They usually delivery around the areas of Metro Manila, Laguna, and Cavite. The Lechon is ovenbaked in muntinlupa. They offer many other recipes from the menu not just lechon such as Adobong Lechon, Bopis, Dinuguaan, Lechon Paksiw, Lechon Meal, and Lechon sisig.

You can get 100grams of chopped lechon for only 85 pesos. You'll even be able to save more if you buy more. It's really very affordable to be able to try out that famous recipe of Cebu lechon. They say that what makes the Cebu lechon different is because it has so much flavor already that you don't even need to add lechon sauce anymore.

You can even buy whole lechon from them. Hear are the prices of whole lechon from Hecky's Lechon --

De Leche - Php 4,300
Extra Small - Php 5,300
Small - 6,300
Medium - 7,300
Large - 8,300
Extra Large - 9,300

What are you waiting for? Call them up today to inquire about franchise or to order some delicious cebu lechon that is oven baked and healthier.

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