What is Lechon Philippine?

What is the History of Lechon in the Philippines?

I am not exactly sure about the actual history of Lechon in the Philippines. I am guessing it has something to do with the Spanish occupation. I think lechon means "suckling pig" if directly translated. But really, I am not sure as I have said. All I know is that I love eating lechon so much. It's really one of the best experience ever to be in on earth is to eat Philippine Lechon.

So what exactly is the Philippine Lechon? Well, simply put it is roasted whole pig. There are many variations when it comes to recipe depending on what region it comes from. The people from manila would cook it differently than those from the south, for instance, from the islands of cebu.

It usually comes with sarsa or lechon sauce. This varies with recipe as well. Also, those from cebu prefer their lechon to not have sauce and would usually just be served with spicy vinegar. Thy typical lechon sauce would be something like the popular all-around sauce Mang Tomas. It is usually made up of liver, if I'm not mistaken. Also, it is way better to have the sauce that comes with the lechon instead of just getting the ones that are bottled. This sauce is not just used for lechon baboy but also many other things. I personally love the sauce. It is also used to cook the popular recipe made with lechon leftover caled lechon paksiw.

Lechon is really very popular all over the world. Many foreigners go to the Philippines just to try it out. And it is something that is surely recommended. You are missing out if you have not tried eating Lechon from the Philippines.

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