Why is Lechon Considered Rich

Is lechon considered food for the rich?

I really don't know exactly what this means but I guess this is because of the price that is attached to having a whole roasted lechon. I think nowadays the price of getting a lechon would be ranging from around 4,000 pesos to 9,000 depending on the size and where you're getting it from. There are many different kinds of lechon, actually. For instance, the cebu lechon, a very popular recipe that comes from the south of the Philippines. They say you no longer need the lechon sauce or popularly known as sarsa because the flavor of the lechon recipe that comes from cebu is already so rich.

I personally love eating lechon. The crunchy skin is just something so ecstatic that everyone in the world should be able to try it. Some people see it as unhealthy, greedy, and even gluttonous, but I think it's really all about perspective. I think the lechon is something that Filipinos should be proud of and can really stand out against other dishes from international cuisines. I guess some would ask like Why is Lechon Considered only for the Rich? I guess, there is that greediness about it, especially since you need to cook a whole pig instead of just parts of it. But the lechon is usually eaten in a gathering anyways so there will be a lot of people sharing and eating.

It is true that it is very unhealthy. It's even really bad for those who have problems with the heart, hypertension, or anyone with risks regarding having too much cholesterol. But hey, that's why there should be balance of exercise and eating delicious lechon. Also, make sure you don't have too much of it. It's such a shame that the most unhealthy parts are the best parts like the skin with the fats.

I am actually craving lechon right now. I can just imagine the crunchy amazing texture of the skin and the sound it makes as I chew it. Oh men, it's really a wonderful experience. Eating lechon is really a pleasurable act. It's one of the best experiences one can have in this life.

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