Lechon Asado Recipe

Have you ever tried Lechon Asado?

Lechon asado has a very distinct chinese influenced flavor. If cooked well the meat could also be very tender. It is actually something that Filipinos have gotten from the Chinese a long time ago. The Filipinos have been trading with the Chinese even before the Spanish settled here. I've always noticed a lot of Chinese influence in Philippine cuisine.

The sauce used for lechon asado is actually very similar to the dish "Pata Tim" if you're aware of that. I can blog about that recipe real soon. The flavor of the lechon asado sauce is really one of my favorite sauces ever. I'm not really sure what composes the sauce but it really is one of my favorites. It is usually even served with steamed or boiled vegetables. The sauce also compliments the vegetables perfectly.

Of course lechon asado is something that is very different from the typical roasted lechon or even the deep friend lechon kawali. There are also many variations and different recipes. It is really something that is perfect to serve during gatherings. It's not that hard to prepare plus the presentation is amazing. It will surely make your guests very hungry if they see that you are serving lechon asado. Just go search for lechon asado photos online and you will see how absolutely enticing they are.

So if you are into something that has a Chinese or asian flavor this is something that you should really try to make. It's really amazing and goes good with rice. And just as the Chinese would, of course it is better to serve it with guests or in the company of your family. Don't be intimidated right away. At first glance it seems so hard to cook lechon asado. But I'm telling you it's not that hard at all. You'll be surprised for sure. So what are you waiting for? Try making the recipe for lechon asado today!

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