Paksiw na Lechon

Are there any Recipes for Lechon Leftovers?

There is one thing that is most popularly known dish for leftovers of lechon and that is Paksiw na Lechon. There really is no strict or rigid recipe but mostly it is composed of the sarsa or the lechon sauce. Some people would add vinegar or a bit of soy sauce to taste, I am assumin, and also some peppers and many other spices.

It is typical for Filipinos to turn leftover lechon into paksiw na lechon. I am assuming that this became a common practice especially since the pre-refrigeration time so they could preserve the food. Cooking it in a lot of spices would surely be able to preserve it and prevent it from becoming spoiled. This practice lead to the invention of many different variations of lechon paksiw.

Recipes vary depending on region, I would say. Some would use the bottled sauces that can be bought at grocery stores while some really use the ones that came with the Lechon (the sauce is usually included when you order lechon). I think the ones that come with the lechon is better tasting than the ones in the bottles. It really ahas a fresher taste and it's really nothing like the ones in the bottle. So my recommendation would be that if you are to cook lechon paksiw, make sure you don't use the bottled ones if you can.

Of course, the skin would not be the same, it would not be as crunchy, and the experience will really be different from eating freshly roasted lechon. But it also has its own advantages. If cooked really well, the meat can be really soft and it would really be a great combo with some rice. The skin also has its own merits. It becomes a sort of still crunchy yet very moist type of texture. I guess it really depends on how it's cooked, how fresh the lechon is, and the varying recipes for cooking paksiw na lechon.

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